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In just one minute a week, memido provides you with personal health advice to improve your health everyday.



Are you dehydrated or over-hydrated? Know if you're drinking the right amount of water

Kidney Health

Is your nutrition benefiting your kidneys? memido helps you find the kidney-friendly foods which are best for you


memido shows you how to boost your immune system with personalized tips

Liver Health

Are you drinking too much alcohol? Improve your natural liver detoxification with the best food recommendations to promote a healthy body composition


memido measures pH, ketones and sugar in your urine. If you need to rebalance, memido suggests specific foods to get you back on track

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How it works

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Let's get to know each other. Download the memido app and create an account.

Ready to test

Unwrap the memido test strip, capture urine on the testing pads and wait 2 minutes

Scan the test strip

Take a photo of the test strip and upload it to the memido web app to see your results


I tried memido after it was recommended by a friend because I was looking for ways to improve my health. The products significantly changed my habits and made me more focused to have a better lifestyle. I highly recommend memido if you are looking for a sustainable way to improve your health and listen to what your body is telling you.

Rachelle El-Khoury

memido is the perfect compliment to my Apple Watch. I was looking for a way to get to know my body deeper and improve my performance. Now my friends and I compete on who can improve their health parameters week to week.

Morris Huling

My new year’s resolution this year is to get fit. I used memido to check that the changes I’m making to my diet and lifestyle were the best for me. The nutrition tips are easy to put into my daily routine and I like the explanations about the science behind the tests.

Ashley Williams

I found memido to be friendly and helpful in understanding how healthy my daily routine is. The program encourages me to develop healthier habits and a sustainable lifestyle. It helped me understand that a healthy body is a result of what you put inside and your daily choices.

Andres Gavilan


What is memido?

Memido is your private health coach. Your memido kit contains urine testing cards that are analyzed with the memido app. With memido, you get personalized lifestyle advice based on your urine data. memido does not require external lab testing or equipment, so it is easy to use and adaptable to your lifestyle.

memido uses your urine test results to encourage you to make healthier choices. The memido app translates your results into science-backed wellness advice; it also gives you easy-to-understand ratings of different health parameters (hydration, nutrition, immunity, liver, and kidney health).

With memido, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle by understanding your body's needs. memido offers tailored health advice with one easy test.

How does it work?

Just five easy steps to better health!

Order your memido kit, which contains four memido cards. Capture urine on the bottom of the memido card.

 Wait 2 minutes while the testing cards react.

Take a picture of the memido card and upload it to the memido app.

Get your results and tailored health advice after one of our experts checks your test (it can take a few hours depending on the time you submit the test)

What does memido test?

Urine contains 2000+ biomarkers that can be used to understand a lot about your body. memido tracks five different parameters: 

Immunity: measures parameters so you can boost your immune system.

Nutrition: pH of your urine can indicate your body’s chemistry balance (affected by the proportion of fruits and veggies in your diet). Presence of glucose and ketones.

Hydration: how much water your body needs to perform its best

Liver function: the presence of bilirubin and urobilinogen, which indicate liver stress

Kidney: the presence of proteins in your urine, which appear when your kidneys are under stress, for example after a hard workout

We are constantly expanding the capabilities of our testing card, so look for updates soon!

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