We have a new name!

We have a new name!

MiProbes & mido become memido

Since our launch, MiProbes has driven the development of easy-to-use diagnostics. During this time we have evolved, growing our vision and identity into a health & wellness brand for our customers and felt that our name should reflect this evolution.

We are now memido: a name and personality geared towards our customers seeking personalized health, nutrition and fitness advice. 

Our next chapter will bring a portfolio of testing products to provide you with data and tailored advice so that you have the power to make changes and own your health.

Our vision is to help you reclaim your health.

With memido, we want to positively impact and improve your wellness. To do this, we bring health tests from the laboratory to your home to make checking your health accessible and easy to do.

Our aim is to create a seamless experience that reinforces healthy habits with easy-to-use tests, clear results and straight-forward advice which you can use to implement changes straight away.

Memido collects health information from all life stages, a driver for personalization

In a time where technology is getting smarter, so can we.

Your body and its needs change as you get older. From adolescence to late adulthood, memido can be your personal health coach to maintain wellness and meet your changing needs throughout these different life stages. 

With plans to integrate other wellness apps, memido can give you a complete picture of your health, combining our metrics, such as hydration, nutrition and immunity with other metrics such as activity, sleep and heart rate that you may already be tracking with your wearables.When it comes to owning your health data throughout your lifetime, memido is here to make it simple and available. 

Care for your health proactively

Despite smarter technology, we’re still making wellness and nutrition decisions based on how you feel and perhaps a quick internet search. Alternatively, it usually takes something serious to go to the doctor in order to get important data about what’s happening in your body.

By monitoring your body’s data regularly and proactively, you can identify the first sign of any changes in your body and make holistic interventions in order to realign balance and maintain good health.  

We help you discover your needs at the right time 

At memido, we provide scientifically-backed recommendations based on your individual needs. Whether it’s advice, recipes, supplements or products, our technology recommends to you the right actions to improve your wellbeing. 


We set out to make at-home testing easy to allow you to make data-driven decisions about your health and wellness. At a newly rebranded memido, we are energized by this new chapter and we see it as a time for us to shape the future of wellness together. We are grateful to have you along the journey with us.

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